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Terms and Conditions of Use


1.1. GO WI-FI is a national Wi-Fi network, accessible through several hotspots. Users can freely access this network by using any mobile device compatible with the technical specifications required for such purpose.

1.2. To join GO WI-FI free network, users must select ‘GO WI-FI Free & Fast’ in their mobile device and subsequently enter all mandatory information required.

1.3. Following information submission, users will receive a SMS with a hyperlink to access and validate all entered information.

1.4. Access to GO WI-FI free network is conditional to providing all mandatory information required during the sign-up process.

1.5. Access to GO WI-FI free network is conditional to the explicit and unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions, which include privacy policies and other applicable legislation.

1.6. The user is the sole responsible for the use of the GO WI-FI service, including use by third parties on behalf of the user or with his/her given consent.

1.7. Using the GO WI-FI network for illegal or unlawful purposes, namely by transferring (uploading or downloading) files with criminal content or protected by Intellectual Rights, and by performing operations prohibited by law, is strictly forbidden.

1.8. Using the GO WI-FI network to perform transfers (upload or download) in peer-to-peer systems is strictly forbidden.

1.9. It is strictly forbidden to sell GO WI-FI services to third parties.

1.10. Users are forbidden to tamper information, content, equipment and software used to provide access to hotspots in any legal or illegal form whatsoever or to cause harm to any third parties, being civilly and criminally liable for such acts.

1.11. Service can be suspended at any time without prior notice, namely for maintenance or repair of the equipment providing the service, and such suspension cannot be held by any user as grounds to whatever compensation claims.

1.12. Go Wi-Fi is not responsible, before the user or any third party, for any potential loss arising from service use, including damage arising from illegal access to personal data or used devices, lost profit, damage on devices caused by malware or by using other malicious resources or computer technologies, damages arising from access to online content, damages caused by the potential interception of communications or losses arising from transactions made when using this network.

1.13. GO WI-FI reserves the right to deny network access to users who do not comply with these terms and conditions without prior notice.


2.1. The entity responsible for handling personal data is GO WI-FI, S.A. (GO WI-FI), a commercial company with registered office at Rua do Progresso, Lote 15 – Cacia Park – 3800-639 Cacia, Aveiro.

2.2. Without prejudice to the following paragraph, by joining GO WI-FI network, the user is authorizing data handling for the following personal data categories for Wi-Fi network provision and marketing campaign purposes: name, age, telephone contact, electronic mail address, connected device MAC address and geolocation data.

2.3. By joining GO WI-FI network, the user is also explicitly authorizing that data handled by GO WI-FI is used to outline and handle his/her behavioural profile, including the analysis of frequented places and type and sector of visited establishments, to calculate personal preferences and behaviours with the goal of developing marketing campaigns directed at such data handling results.

2.4. User personal data collection is made through the access portal to GO WI-FI network upon explicit and prior authorization given by the user. Some personal data are mandatory and are properly signalled. Therefore, in the event such data is missing or incomplete, the respective service cannot be provided.

2.5. The user is explicitly authorizing GO WI-FI to perform or promote marketing campaigns by sending advertising messages based on his/her behavioural profile to his/her personal contacts to promote products and/or services from all GO WI-FI commercial partners.

2.6. Go Wi-Fi partners list is formed by entities of the public sector, retail, services, restaurants, cafes, bars, fashion industry, perfume industry, sports industry and shopping centers.

2.7. GO WI-FI partners full list is available here (http://en.gowi-fi.pt/brands/) and will be frequently updated as per the addition of new entities or removal of entities mentioned on the above paragraph.

2.8. The user may revoke at any time the authorization given to GO WI-FI for the transmission of advertising messages under the provisions below for the exercise of the right of access.

2.9. Revoking the said authorization for the transmission of advertising messages regarding products and/or services of all or some GO WI-FI commercial partners implies the inability to access GO WI-FI network.

2.10. GO WI-FI undertakes to keep the accuracy and up-to-dateness of all data, ensuring all inaccurate or incomplete data are properly deleted or amended.

2.11. GO WI-FI ensures to all users the right of access to their respective data, without restrictions or unreasonable delays, communicating all related information in a clear language, thoroughly matching the content of their registration.

2.12. To exercise his/her rights of access, amendment and deletion of personal data, the user must send a written communication to GO WI-FI, Rua do Progresso, Lote 15, 3800-639 Aveiro or, alternatively, contact GO WI-FI by using the following electronic mail address: geral@gowi-fi.pt

2.13. Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraph, GO WI-FI will delete personal data mentioned in the previous subparagraph within the following periods:
a) Registration data, including MAC address: 6 months after latest network access;
b) Data regarding behavioural profile: 2 years;
c) Geolocation data: 6 months.

2.14. Collected personal data are processed by computers, strictly complying with the legislation for personal data protection, being stored in a specific database created for such purpose.

2.15. GO WI-FI undertakes to adopt all technical and logical security measures fit for the protection of personal data handled for the above-mentioned purposes.

2.16. Go Wi-Fi reserves the right to readjust or amend this Privacy Policy at any time.

2.17. This personal data handling is duly authorized by CNPD – Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (National Data Protection Committee) under Permit no. 7232/2016.

Last update: 28th of October, 2016